Our Mission

Our Relationship Analyst can partner with you and those around you to help you better understand the dynamics of your own relationships and to improve communications between corporate teams, strengthen relationships within couples, and help you effectively navigate relationships within your life.

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Renae did a great job at keeping a positive spin on everyone’s different and unique personalities, and how each person compliments one another. This great information led into understanding the relationships within our organization; so we can avoid conflict. The workbooks were user-friendly and really help us understand the difference between all four types of human personalities. Renae was completely organized, provided us with valuable materials and knew what she was talking about.
Joe, Business Owner


When we contacted Renae, we were done. After 30 years of marriage, I was tired of faking it. I was committed to and still loved my husband, but I didn’t like him anymore. I didn’t enjoy being around him. Renae helped us understand each other and reignite the passion we had lost. Now, I not only love my husband, I like him! I’m ready to spend another 30 years married to this amazing guy!
T.M., wife


Knowing the details of your own personality and how your personality type impacts your relationships can be key to having better connections with others. To help you understand your own personality, our Behavioral Analyst will use the DISC Profile Survey. This survey will ask you a series of questions and your answers will create a personality profile. Using this profile, the behavioral analyst will work with you to help you understand how you approach situations and how you can be more effective in communicating with others. This process can be helpful for individuals and groups with the analysis bespoke to the needs of those going through the session.

The benefits of this process can include:

Improving your self knowledge of what causes you stress, how you react to stress, what motivates you, and how you approach problems

Improved relationships through understanding the communication needs of others

Foster better collaboration and healthy conflict resolution

Understand better the dispositions and behaviors of others, identifying keys that will lead to better interactions

Are you ready to change your relationships?

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