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Our behavioral experts can remove the confusion around interacting with your family members. When the whole family understands the dynamics of their family members and how to best approach interactions with each person, there can be improved communication, reduced conflict, and better acceptance and support among everyone.

By understanding what motivates different people in the family and how those desires can impact daily life, everyone can come away with a better understanding of how to best support one another. Through connecting at an emotional level, the inner self is exposed and vulnerable. Creating trust at this level can allow deeper, healthier relationships that are built on supporting one another emotionally. In understanding the personalities of people, the possibility for better relationships is unlocked. As families foster this kind of environment, the children in these environments will be empowered for a lifetime of success.



We were blessed by our time with Renae. The information we learned has helped our family understand each other better. There is less conflict and more peace in our home. It is amazing how I feel a little calmer when things come up that would normally immediately frustrate me.  Just understanding each family member a little better really changes MY outlook.
Laura, Mom

I really appreciated the information Renae shared with our family. Her energy and humor, combined with such practical facts, have helped me, and my family, understand why we act and re-act the way we do. It gives me more grace to accept myself and the members of my family.
Diane, Mom

At the parenting workshop, I learned that I must focus on using positive words to describe my child. I was trained and equipped to be intentional in identifying and calling out the good I see. “Son, you are really showing a lot of determination to get that done!” I learned that instead of seeing my personality as opposite of my child, I realize that this is instead a chance for freedom. Instead of me looking at my strong, dominant child as being too demanding & bossy, I have the opportunity to flip it and embrace the fact I really don’t like making all the decisions - it’s burdensome. And look! God has given me a natural decision maker. I have this awesome opportunity to let him walk in that, which builds him up, and it gives me some freedom from decision-making, which builds me up. The information has changed our family dynamics for the better!
Sarah, Mom


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