Our Behavioral analyst can provide Conflict Transformation for your team. When everyone understands the personality dynamics that they bring to the team and how those personalities relate to one another, new levels of collaboration and productivity can be unlocked. The systems used will provide concrete tools that are based around driving results, recognition, relationships, and reason.

Renae has trained business leaders to be behavioral analysts and empowered them to use these skills to understand the personalities of those coming into the organization and where they could best fit within the company. This has allowed the organization to promote from within using what they knew about the personalities of the people brought in

By utilizing the Behavioral Profile Report, the following objectives will be driven:



The information we learned was incredibly valuable in helping us along in our careers. The most helpful thing I picked up was the knowledge of the different temperaments of my coworkers based on their survey results. It really helped me understand them and connect with them more effectively. There were a few eye openers as well as a few, ‘oh, that’s absolutely them’ kind of responses.
Bob, workshop participant

Renae did a great job at keeping a positive spin on everyone’s different and unique personalities, and how each person compliments one another. This great information led into understanding the relationships within our organization; so we can avoid conflict. The workbooks were user-friendly and really help us understand the difference between all four types of human personalities. Renae was completely organized, provided us with valuable materials and knew what she was talking about.
Joe, Business Owner

What a great training workshop! I enjoyed going deeper into the DISC knowledge and specifically learning more about blends. For the first time, my personality blend made so much sense to me and gave me more clarity about myself! The strengths of the workshop included utilizing activities as well as a variety of materials to learn more in-depth details about DISC. It was refreshing to interrupt the monotony of lecturing with fun activities that pertained to what we were learning, but I also appreciated the amount of material we covered that helped learn more and more about each personality type. I also appreciated the compiled and organized notebook we walked away with to support our new knowledge! It helps us to be able to turn around and continue teaching it to our employees. It was so wonderful and helpful! Everyone is still talking about it!
Tiffany, Behavior Analyst Consultant Training

The material we received helps us, as the management team, to take employees to the next level in their career. I learned that I need to develop my skills in keeping stability and security for people who require this type of environment. This really helped me to realize that I can be part of a significant change to help make two of our managers and stores healthier. The strengths of the workshop were definitely the training manual and resources. Renae did a great job giving us everything we need to succeed.  The workshop was very well geared to our needs and business. I appreciated that we didn’t go through just the basics, but that we dove further into the different personalities. Thank you so much for taking the time and giving us this opportunity. I am looking forward to utilizing these tools moving forward.
Noah, Management Team Development Workshop

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